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Club L'Epagneul Breton & its members are passionate about Training, Competing and Hunting with our Brittanys.

Etched in the thread of these practices lay a strong & proud  history of Tradition, Companionship & Friendship.

The aim of the club is to support people who own or are thinking of owning this breed. Conformation and working standards are key in preserving the breeds well built reputation within Australia. Involvement from our members and Brittany owners is pivotal in thriving the breed we love. Here is how we do it ! 

Training - Our club supports new and existing gun-dog handlers in the training of their companions. From our training days held through-out the year to friendships made within the club, guidance and assistance is warmly available by some seasoned Gundog handlers at our events.

Our Training Days Consists of obedience, game introduction, Field Work and Retrieving on Land or in water. We Customise these activities tailored to the skill level and age of Dog & Handler.


Training Days are a great social event and it is popular to bring family members along to the events. Tea & Coffee is a must before the day commences followed by lunch later in the day. The committee is always willing and able to help with information regarding the breed, and details relating to our training days. 

Trialling - To Test Gundog and handler, there is no better playing field then the Competitive Open & Novice Trials held by the club. 

There are multiple trials held by the Club per year:

- Utility Gun-dog Field Trial

- Utility Gun-dog Exotic Field Trial

- Retrieving Trial

We currently hold the Australian Title of the Highest to date Field Trial Score. 

          National Field Trial Champion

          Ailetireur Noir Canard

          Owned and trained by Ian Ramsdell

Gundog Handlers from all over the state participate to test their skills on many forms of game. For more information regarding trialling, contact our committee at your convenience. 

Hunting - The L'Epagneul Breton is first & foremost a hunting breed.

The Clubs foundations were laid by proud Hunters that wanted to show the  strength of the Brittany's ability as one of the best gundog breeds.   


The Brittany is never as happy as it is Hunting with its owner in the field. Majority of the members and Brittany owners within the club utilise their gun dog during the seasons.

Game Pursued generally within Australia consist of  Quail, Duck, Rabbit, Hare and Deer. 

The Best Way to get involved is to get in touch with the committee and come along to a


Training Day or Trial. We are a family Club and extend a warm welcome to all !

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