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The Brittany or L'Epagneul Breton originates from the French province of Bretagne, France. Its name of origin "Épanuel" refers to a gun-dog that point or set their game, while a "Breton" is from the province of Bretagne. Although they are under the one umbrella their are variations within the breed regarding French & American Lines. 

The breed is characterised by “the maximum of quality in the minimum of size.” Despite being a small, compact it is renown for its endurance, stamina and tenacity in the field. 

The Brittany's catapults of the mark and works its nose low and high. A hunting drive that when tamed, gives the hunter some would say an unfair edge.

In the field: They cover ground more efficiently and effectively than most gun dog breeds. Their stamina allows the hunter to pursue their game of choice from dawn to dusk maximising their chance of a success. I say "game of choice" because of its versatility adapting their hunting style depending on the target species. Some of the species hunted locally in Australia include: Quail, Duck, Rabbit/hare & even large game including deer. 

They are extremely loving and devoted to their owners. Their intelligence, charm and heart sets the foundations for a strong bond with their owner and family.

Although the Brittany was developed as an active hunting dog, it is also biddable and gentle, and almost placid in nature. Very good with children, they make a great family dog. Brittany’s are eager to please and easy to train given you set their boundaries early. 

Brittanys reach up to 50cms tall, they weigh about 13-19 kgs, although they can be gluttons. Usually living to about 12 years but they can live up to 18 years old. The Brittany is generally a very healthy breed. They are fairly easy to groom, with a short to medium coat and only shed once or twice a year.

If your looking for tenacious hunting companion & family member you would be hard pressed to rival the Breton. 

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